Lingerie Fighting Championships

Lingerie Fighting Championships PictureLingerie Fighting Championships PictureLingerie Fighting Championships Picture

I came across this Zero Hedge article today about a business trying to sell stock in a company that features semi-naked women in bikinis who punch each other. And sure enough Lingerie Fighting Championships does indeed exist, billing themselves this way: ‘Lingerie Fighting Championships is a very unique MMA league in which beautiful women fighting wearing nothing but lingerie. We are carried on more than 1000 cable systems and numerous cable networks world-wide. Check us out on-line, on TV or in person at one of our exciting live events. A little bit of MMA. A little bit of wrestling. A little bit of clothing!‘ I guess Wall Street wants to cash in on the Ronda Rousey phenomena …

Lingerie Fighting Championships Website

Three More

Female Bodybuilder Picture Female Hard Body PictureFemale Fitness Model Picture

Some girls can really layer on the muscle and the beautiful IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Shannon Courtney definitely falls into that select group. Next up is Muscle Goddess Miss Rapture who has a few pictures and movies for you over at her website. And we end with a trip down memory lane as Devon Michaels shows off what a fine hard physique she had earlier in her career.

April Hunter: Big, Red & Nude

Nude April Hunter Picture

April started as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and even has her own comic book series created after her, Code Red. Not content to be just another pretty thing she decided to take it to a whole new level and trained to become a professional wrestler with the one and only Killer Kowalski. April formed a tag team with fellow Kowalski graduate Nikki Roxx in World Xtreme Wrestling known as The Killer Babes. April has gone on to have a storied career in the ring winning so many bouts and titles they’re too numerous to mention. Recently April has competed as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.

April Hunter Nude Pictures
April’s Website

Goddess Heather Movie

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Champion bodybuilder and lifestyle Dominatrix Goddess Heather is the star of our movie as we see the Goddess showing off that 24 carat gold pussy of hers while she flexes that buff body, gets in some wrestling, buckles up a strap-on and takes command, as well as getting her pussy piercings tongue polished. Mistress Treasure, Yvette Bova, Devon Michaels, Lauren Powers and a few more are along for the ride.

Wenona “The Gymnast” vs Krissy “The Crippler” Lynn

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Fitness Diva Wenona is back for another sexy wrestling match at Ultimate Surrender, the Internet’s premier competitive female sexual wrestling league where the winner gets to fuck the loser any way she wants. Wenona is up against newcomer Krissy Lynn who like every wrestler before her that had an older brother and grew up a tomboy thinks she can win her first match against a top ten opponent. Krissy made a hell of a first showing, but learned that experience will win out over brute strength any day. More movies and pictures of this hot little match at the link below.

Wenona vs Krissy Lynn at Ultimate Surrender

Tough Girls In Action

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Female bodybuilding superstar Michele Burdick doesn’t take lightly to veteran fitness hardbody Heather for ruining her clothes in this wrestling match and decides a good bodyslam is in order along with a head scissors lock to rectify the situation. Michele looks to have a nice spunky attitude about her and I bet it would be a total blast to jump on the mat with her and have a session. This movie is from the Tough Girls website that features totally ripped and nude female muscle girls doing girl on girl, girl on boy, topless boxing, submission holds and all assorted mayhem of action and fun.

More Sexy Tough Girls Here

The First Female Superfight in MMA History

Gina “Conviction” Carano vs Chris “Cyborg” Santos
We covered undefeated MMA fighter Gina Carano previously here and  speculated she would have some big fights coming up. And sure enough on August 15th she is scheduled to meet Brazilian brawler and powerhouse Chris Santos for what is being hailed as the most important fight ever in Women’s MMA events. It looks to be shaping up as one of those epic fights between a technician and a masher ala Ali vs Frazier, and looking at the unrelenting ferocity of Chris Santos I think Gina is going to have her hands full trying to keep that undefeated record in tact.

The Highway Amazon

Here’s the trailer for the movie Highway Amazon, whose byline informs us, ‘this is the strange saga of Christine Fetzer, a female bodybuilder who travels the country wrestling men on beds in hotel rooms. Between ‘sessions,’ she discusses her unique method of earning a living and talks about her former career as an exotic dancer. After pulling down a couple of beers, she even spills the beans about bodybuilders and drugs!’ Some of you may know Christine Fetzer from the name she uses professionally, Christine Rocks, who is an American bodybuilder, model and wrestler. Here’s what Joe Bob’s Ultimate B Movie Guide had to say about the movie, ‘One mangled but intact body. Two breasts. Five drops blood. Thigh-crushing. Moaning. Leg-twisting. Bewtock- groping. Tummy-squatting. Neck-crunching. Roadside aerobics. One growth-hormone diatribe. Beach posing. Client-lifting. Stomach- punching. Hollywood Boulevard micro-skirt sequence. Gratuitous lap dance, sans lap. Black leather bikini Fu. Christine’s best line: “They wanna be overpowered–they wanna feel your strength– they love having their head squeezed.’ The movie is available at the Cult Films Site along with other movies of Christine, and there are a few more preview clips at the bottom.

Highway Amazon at Cult Films

Muscle Girls at Playboy

playboy muscle girls picture

Playboy has tossed up on the internet 53 full issues covering the years 1954 to 2007, and you can find a few pictorals featuring our types of girls here and there. I gave it a quick glance over and came across two features on bodybuilder/wrestler Joanie Laurer (Chyna), a ‘tag team of your dreams’ featuring WWE stars Sable and Torrie, and a pictoral of some fit biker babes as well. Unfortunately you have to have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer to view the goods, which understandably may be an evil too far for some of you to cross.

The Playboy Archive

Muscle Whackage

Female Wrestler Queen Raqui Picture Female Midget Assassin Picture
Female Muscle Cosplay Picture Vera de Milo Muscle Girl Picture
It’s a four-way whack attack featuring a few waves you might have missed out on during your internet surfari. Starting clockwise from the top we have the one and only 6′4″ Amazon wrestler Queen Raqui who weighs in at a robust 600 pounds. Squashing, wrestling, crushing & trampling takes on a whole new meaning in this Queen’s realm. Next up at the other end of the dial, we have Hot Pocket, a 34″ buffed out midget assassin from the movie Bitch Slap, whose signature line is “Get your nuts ‘outta my face!” After that comes a feature titled Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin’ starring Vera de Milo, who just might give you second thoughts on hardbody girls. And finally we take a look at the latest fetish fun from Japan featuring muscle cosplay…cosplay being short for ‘costume play’. Click on the pictures for your muscle girl whackage…

Female Nude Wrestling Match

Nude Female Wrestlers Picture
Ariel X ‘The Assassin’  vs  Karrlie Dawn ‘The Anvil’
Here we are already into the start of Season Six of Ultimate Surrender, where competitive female wrestlers get it on grappling and groping, scissoring and headlocking each other till we find a winner who gets to sexually dominate the loser. This picture gallery and six movies is from the recent November 4 match between these two fighting foxes where the eventual winner goes on to finger fuck and drive a huge dildo home as she fucks the helpless loser on the mat.

Female Nude Wrestling Match Pictures & Movies

Goddess Heather & Girlfriends Wrestle Nude

Goddess Heather Fights Nude
Rumbling Tumbling Muscle Girls
Looks like we have a fierce catfight on our hands as Goddess Heather, Mistress Treasure and Janice grapple each other with a no holds barred jumble in the nude. A few faces get buried in the ‘carpet‘ as these girls work out their differences to put it all behind them.

Goddess Heather & Girlfriends Nude Wrestling Pictures

Ultimate Surrender Summer Vengeance Match

Female wrestling Picture
Brutal Match: Big Titted Adrianaconda vs. Dominating Asian Scorpion
Welcome to the second annual Summer Vengeance elimination tournament. The top sixteen Season Five wrestlers battle it out to see who will be the overall Ultimate Surrender champion for 2008. Annie Cruz just made the cut for the tournament. Ranked 16th, she was not expected to win her first match up. To the surprise of many she executed a comeback in her last match to advance in the bracket. Adrianna Nicole has the makings of a Champion. She is tall, strong, and has a booming body. She only lacks technique and finesse, but what she lacks, she more than makes up for in determination and sheer will. Punch up the link and find out who wins at the only non-scripted real sexual wresting on the net today!

Summer Vengeance Match: Movies & Pictures

Nude Wrestling: Its The Python vs The Scorpion

Nude Female Wrestling Picture
Looks Like Someone Gets PWND
Heres the details from Ultimate Surrender’s latest no holds barred catfighting rumble. Annie Cruz "The Scorpion" is back to face off with this year’s hottest new comer, Samantha Sin "The Python". Samantha was voted this year’s favorite new wrestler, and now she faces off with a seasoned veteran of the past. She may be a rookie but she shows why she is this year’s best newcomer as she wipes the mat with Annie. After fingering her and forcing her into painful scissor holds, Samantha forces Annie to squirt on herself. Click the link for a free picture gallery and six free movies to enjoy this recent match, the ultimate in competitive female sexual wrestling.

Nude Female Wrestling Match Pics & Clips