Tough Girls In Action

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Female bodybuilding superstar Michele Burdick doesn’t take lightly to veteran fitness hardbody Heather for ruining her clothes in this wrestling match and decides a good bodyslam is in order along with a head scissors lock to rectify the situation. Michele looks to have a nice spunky attitude about her and I bet it would be a total blast to jump on the mat with her and have a session. This movie is from the Tough Girls website that features totally ripped and nude female muscle girls doing girl on girl, girl on boy, topless boxing, submission holds and all assorted mayhem of action and fun.

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  1. Jon says

    I would be more than willing to let either lady remove her bottom and lower themselves on to a few body parts of mine. I can only imagine how amazing time alone with them would be

  2. says

    I soooo luv when a muscle bitch kicks a fitness chic’s @$$
    Female Bodybuilders are hotter&better than fitness queens

  3. says

    Michelle Burdick 47 year’s old (2012) is awesome.
    Michelle is too strong for the poor fitness girl Heather.


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