Nude Muscle Girl Fucks His Brains Out

Female Bodybuilder Porn Picture

The Goddess of Fetish Amber Steel is back with her human sex toy as she sexually dominates the weaker sex to her utmost whims and desires. As you may well remember from our previous movie of this hardcore session Amber takes charge of the situation from the get go and controls the action and outcome with her massive 200 pound muscled frame that rises to a statuesque 5’9″ tall. Pwned!

Muscle Girl Porn Movie
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  1. says

    I agree with Stranger that i prefer a more ripped&muscular for our former American Gladiator.
    Then again i can forgive anything when seeing a lesbian have rough service with a GUY!

  2. Core says

    …And that was the first time I’ve ever watched an adult film with this particular theme… dominatrix/bondage….

  3. Sean Connor says

    Eh… yeah, not into it. The problem is, all that juice she’s done has gotten to her face. Basically it looks like a eunuch with breast implants grinding on a midget.

  4. says

    S.C.,…i doubt it was the juice that has affected her face.Amber is 40-something.
    Never juiced ALOT for she quit competitive BBing in the 90s after coming out.

  5. Rolf says

    Nothing is sexier than the absolute superiority of a woman fucking the shit out of a man. This guy is no midget, but he’s simply eclipsed by her incredible physique.

  6. Leo1586 says

    I’m truly jealous of the guy in the mask it makes me wish it was me . He’s truly lucky to be with one of the sexiest women in bodybuilding especially getting fucked really good by one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Aceoftrump says

    WOW! I don’t think I could have lasted 10 minutes with her grinding on me like that. :-)

  8. Leo1586 says

    When I first saw this vid i thought absolute Butt- Fucking!!!!!!! I so Horny thinking about female bodybuilders!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. says

    Amber is One of Hottest Female Bodybuilders on Earth and Still Hasn’t Lost Her Touch.. i Have a Birthday Fantasy and i Wondering that i Like to Be Her Sex toy 😉

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