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Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureBy Golly I Like The Cut Of Her Jib
A fairly new muscle girl joining the pantheon of buff goddesses at Shemuscle, she is going by the anonymous name of MuscleTease and she really is just one awesome looking lady to take in and appreciate. Here’s what she has to say on her model page, ‘My favorite body part to work on is chest. I can do 100 push-ups consecutively. Max bench press is 225 for one rep, although I only lift for reps now (130 lbs, 15-20 reps). I love running outdoors, although sex is my favorite form of cardio and favorite ab workout as well. I’m 140 lbs and 5′5″ tall with 15″ biceps and 15.5″ calves.’ Well it sure would be nice to join her in an intense cardio workout, I’m just sure it would do wonders for my health!

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  1. says

    I glad 2 read that she is a bodybuilder.
    Thought i read on the site MuscleTease was a fitness chic.
    Soooo,luv it when i’m wrong.

  2. admin says

    I went with Shemuscle’s bodybuilder tag since there’s no info on which, if any, category she competes in, or which governing body she is a member of. Really she is like a lot of muscle girls I see who could conceivably belong to multiple categories, such as in her case fitness, figure and bodybuilding (put a whip in her had and I’ll toss her in fetish as well). I’m just not much of a stickler for exact labels on where to place many of these muscle girls who seem to span the tags.

  3. Jonno says

    She trains but hasn’t competed in any contests… so it doesn’t really matter what label you use. :)

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