Nude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross

Nude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross Picture

Bulking up the flow with some British Steel in the form of 32 year old pro bodybuilder Lisa Cross who hails originally from Manchester U.K. Lisa took first place at the Hercules show in 2009 which qualified her for the 2010 UKBFF British Finals where she went on to claim 1st place. Not one to rest on her laurels she recently said ‘2011 Here we come. I am charged up and ready to blast into the new year. This is the start of my 3rd year in the sport of Body Building and so far it has been a great ride. Goals for this year are to get bigger and better than last year. I still have plenty of room for improvement.’ This awesome muscle girl with the 16″ biceps and 28″ quads can deadlift 441lbs and squat for 529lbs  ..she’s in a league of her own.

Muscle Girl Lisa Cross Nude Pictures


  1. Stranger says

    She is f**ing even bigger than before. I wonder how much “supplements” it is taking her to look like this. I do like the muscles, but when you really start thinking about all this… Oh, well, it’s her choice. Love them to be waxed like this :)

  2. Bo-Bo says

    I’ve seen her before and she definitely is a lot more huge than I seen her last. Gotta give her props though for getting as far as she has in only 3 years as this business can be rough. Especially on women.

  3. says

    @jake i have no friggin idea what you’re talking bout.Are you high?!

    HELL,YEAH,Lisa rocks!
    Finally a girl that i give a fuck about

    {no offense to guys who like AVA BLUE}

    And the pic of Debbie Bramwell is just fuckin awesome
    2 reasons why i continue to visit

  4. Bo-Bo says

    Is that Michelle Lee in the Land of Venus pic? The babe bending over leaning on the tool box next to the chalkboard? Can’t find much at all of her anymore :(

  5. Stranger says

    El, Lisa used to be tighter and more ripped. She’s just bigger, but not tighter on these pics. Autumn Raby is managing to be ripped like crazy and still keep her muscles big. I would still do either of them, but I would not call them my ultimate enjoyment. I’ve been a huge fan of Amber Michaels back when she was really ripped. It’s immensely hard to stay like this all the time. The second they stop pushing themselves, this body is gone…

  6. jake says

    I like muscular girls but this is not attractive YIKES!!! You gotta be kidding she wants to get bigger than this?? She looks scary enough already if this lady takes anymore steroids she’s gonna end up looking like sasquatch.

  7. Stranger says

    Jake, I agree, she is not for everyone’s taste. Just a pervert like myself LOL. But this is why you can enjoy what YOU like and maybe even have some of it. I think every professional BB is suffering from this not so healthy lifestyle, especially those who gave up on their health in return to a certain looks.

  8. Bo-Bo says

    Thanks for those pics of Michelle. Her titties may be small but hey, more than a mouth full is a waste anyway 😉 And if she bent over like that in front of me it would result in instant-wood.

  9. says

    Let’s hope Lisa doesnt go all the way gay becuz Jake will never let us live down how much we truly want her

  10. BP Sweets says

    Lisa, is beautiful, ripped and sexy…muscular, dont ever change and please dont listen to the haters and whimps out their…

  11. luvhermuscles says

    Let’s face it guys and girls: Bi-girls with huge muscles are far superior! They turn us ALL on, MEN aand WOMEN! Love to see Lisa get bigger by far and do some two girl pics showing size and strength and physique difference with 50 lbs smaller and maybe shorter bikini or fitness girls. Go Lisa! Nice pics Shemuscle and Lisa!

  12. KianaXtreme says

    Lisa Cross is the glamazon of women’s BB. I love everything about her. Keep up the good work future Mz. O.

  13. Sam says

    I don’t care what people say. I managed to get one off any how.I’ll have another go later and I bet it wont take me long. Nice one Lisa, if nothing else you manage to pump up my wang!

  14. kyla says

    Looks like a roided out drag queen with a shriveled dick and a bad tit job. Nothing feminine about that.

  15. russell mitchem says

    “she can have her way with me anytime”would love burry my face everywhere!!!!!!

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