Muscle Girl Kim Stahl

Female Bodybuilder Nude Pictures

A homegrown Florida-girl turned erotic muscle queen, Kim enjoys bodybuilding and her pet iguana in the Sunshine State. She’s 5’7″ tall, weighs in at 168 lbs with 15″ biceps and completes the package with twin-prop 38D’s. She is photographed here by fellow Floridian Ed Dvorak, a pro photographer specializing in nude portraiture, erotic, lingerie, swim wear, and heavy muscles.  There’s 4 galleries of her at the link and you’ll find them further down the page.

Female Bodybuilder Kim Stahl Nude Pictures


  1. Bo-Bo says

    Stahl means steel in German. I don’t know if she has German roots as her name implies, but she definitely looks like she’s made of steel!!!:0

  2. Bo-Bo says

    Unless your teen son is built like Brock Lesnar, I don’t know if he could handle her Rick. Especially if she got a little rough with him.;p

  3. Bob says

    Her breasts are way roo big but on her body they actually look fabulous. I just want to fuck her 24/7/365. How awesome would cowgirl be with her. She looks like one amazing Fuck.

  4. Bob says

    I’d actually pay to see her in a porno. Finally, a fbb in at least off-season shape! Just about any fbb i’ve ever seen in a porno or parts of one wasn’t rockin’ any muscle.

  5. says

    Thanxx for your site !

    I read on your site that people like Lynn McCrossin and Masino are 24/24 horny because the drugs they took. Is it true on your advice?

    PS : please, more diva kris vids & pics !

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