Muscle Babe Annie Rivieccio

Nude Female Bodybuilder Annie Rivieccio Picture

One of the all-time fan favorites in the World of Muscle Girls Annie is just radiating sex, strength, and beauty in this sizzling picture gallery. She started lifting weights in 1986 and began competing in NPC National competitions in 1991 going on to compete every year since then consistently placing in the top 5 of her weight division. At 5’5″ she comes in at a 158lb. contest weight and sports a rock hard 44-28-38 physique that was able to perform a 347lb. bench press, a 503lb. squat and a 473lb. dead lift at the AFP Nationals. Dyn-O-Mite!

Nude Muscle Girl Annie Rivieccio Pictures


  1. Bill Quigly says

    Ill say this for her. She is more of a man than I am. If I wasnt looking at her face, i’d say that her chest I wouldn’t mind having myself. Rock hard pec muscle and nice perfect erect mid size nipples. My nips are bigger then hers. God sure took extra time with her. Even her hairy pussy is big and gorgeous. I’d trade my cock for her pussy anyday.

    If I can see her doing some femdom with wenona, then I can say I died and had done everything I wanted to do in life.

  2. Bill Quigly says

    I wonder if she would mind being my housekeeper. For a year. I can see it now. She stays nude all day while she cleans. Hell, forget the cleaning, she can be my family’s houseguest. Restriction is everyone in my family must see hef nude all the time. Clothes should not hide any part of that gorgeous body.

  3. Bob......aka Mr Catherine Holland says

    These pix are 10+ years old but they are HOT!!!! Love the fact she is implant free – she really doesn’t have breasts as much as she has pecs – but they are very sexy

    She looks soooo hot here – she has that look of “I am very proud of my body now Cum FUCK ME!”

    I see her in this pic nad I just wanna cum up from behind – lift up the backend of the dress and fuck her while she is still wearing it:

  4. Bo-Bo says

    She is a MILF alright. If I was with her, I hope she’d be gentle. If we got carried away a woman as strong as her might break me into pieces.

  5. Joe MuscleGuy says

    ANNIE!!! Be my man and fuck me please!!! You are the man!!! I would love you to fuck me like a man while i wail like a pussy. I would love you to clobber me like a ragdoll..

  6. Bill Quigly says

    I wonder if we covered up her bottom, trim her hair to be shorter, and have her walk around topless at say muscle beach, would anyone notice she is a woman with that chesf of hers? Or would folks just assume she is a man with large nipples?

  7. Bob......aka Mr Catherine Holland says

    Bill: Great question about having her walk around topless. If she cut her hair like Goddess Heather that would be interesting – and for the record I think she would look hotter with shorter hair because women with short hair must have a great face and she does.

    As for the pic you posted – grrrrrrrrrrrrr. “Wearing” this outfit, to me, basically says, I want Sex and I want Sex NOW! But to me the look of her “slave” is great – the look in her eyes of “whatever you want Master” is awesome

    On that same site we see this – Lindsay Mulinazzi in a Slingshot – THIS is what all muscle women should wear:

    As for Annie – I’d wanna fuck her either Doggie – imagine how great it would be slamming into her rock hard ass OR Cowgirl. Imagine all of her weight clamped down on you. No way you’d be able to move and knowing how tight she has to be and how all of her weight on you like that – that would be something to remember. Personally I’d love for both of us to be nekkid – covered from neck to toe in Oil and Wrestle some to build up incredible sexual tension and then FUCK

    But now that Bo-Bo and I are married we can no longer do this to other women :-)

  8. Bo-Bo says

    Never say never Bob. After what we did in Vegas they might be open to the idea….As long as they can join in on the fun of course. :)

  9. Bob......aka Mr Catherine Holland says

    Pix fron Annie’s site – she doesn’t look as good all these years later as she does here. Gallery 21 – why do I sense seeing her and that other woman Annie “bats from the opposite side of the plate”? Whatever makes her happy is cool with me but makes ya wonder because that other womanh pictured – i’d be stunned if she isn’t a lesbian

  10. Steve Smith says

    Just like bill pointed out, seeing her wearing a bikini or some kind of top covering just looks weird. It’s like a man wearing a bikini. She has a gorgeous chest and no one will even notice it’s a woman’s chest if she goes topless at the beach. Her nips are gorgeous centered in the middle of those pec muscles.

  11. Bob......aka Mr Catherine Holland says

    To all who say if she wore something like shorts and not a bikini bottom and took off any earrings and cut her hair short or tucked it in a Cap and went Topless would anyone REALLLLLY know it was a woman – here are a few pix to back that up – not topless but use our imagination and………….


    Take off the earrings here and if we saw her seated – might not know what sex she really is:

  12. Steve Smith says

    Yep. Just take her top off in those beach photos and she can pass for a muscleman. She really has no tits so its not like she needs to hidecsomething there. Now granted she does have a gorgeous pussy which for common sense need to be covered up at the beach. I would feel safe if a 12 year old saw her topless.

  13. Butch says

    Realizing that these photos are older, she still looks great at close to age 50, I would guess….give her credit for keeping her body in shape….shame she is out of comptetion…one of my favorite women….

  14. bill quigley says

    I wanna have sex with her so badly I can taste her juices already. If she crushes my cock during sex, that will be fine too. I want her to make me feel like a man.

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