Lesbian Female Muscle Movies

Lesbian Female Muscle Girls Picture

Nothing like having some lesbian muscle girl action to start the new year off with, and both Amber DeLuca and Roxie Rain are the pinnacle of female body building. However, Amber is a towering monster in size compared to Roxie. Check out these videos where Amber uses her shear power to lift Roxie up into her arms. Once her feet are firmly planted on the floor again, the hard muscle gives way to sensuality and lust.

Lesbian Female Bodybuilders Movies


  1. Jon says

    I have always liked Roxie – A LOT! Love her look and muscles and tone. But here Amber just picks her up and treats her like a feather. Great clips here and my guess is Amber hs a massive clit that isn’t Denise Masino size but not far from it.

  2. Musaafiruun says

    I love Roxie and she has done some great videos with smaller girls, but I love this video. It is so hot to see a strong girl like Roxie made to look so tiny and fragile. Amber really is a big, powerful beauty and Roxie really seemed to enjoy being the small, weak one.


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