Lesbian Bodybuilders Movie Clip

Nikki Delano Picture
A Sapphic Encounter Between Two Muscular Women
Rikki Rife and Amber DeLuca meet together in this short lovely movie clip showcasing two of the better known amateur bodybuilders around, as they explore each others bodies. I was fantasizing to myself how nice it would be to jump in the middle of two muscle girls like this with all that erotic passion going on and make a hero sandwich, but then realized I would probably wind up a crumpled bag of bones on the floor for interupting these two gorgeous female bodybuilders.

More Girl on Girl Action Here At Shemuscle


  1. David V says

    Not a particularly articulate response, but it says all i need to say.

  2. tiago says

    acho voces muito lindas e feminas ao contrario do q as pessoas dizem a feminilidade da mulher esta nos gestos e prazeres obtidos e não propriamento no corpo pois o corpo nada e mais do que uma mera ferramenta para o sexo. eu tenho um corpo como outro qualquer sem musculos e nem gordura um corpo normal e mim acho realizado mas se não estivesse tambem iria fazer musculaçao mas adoro mulheres mais sadinhas e ainda vou namorar uma adorei vcs beijos Tiago bh mg

  3. says

    I am a post operative male to female and would love to have a hunk like you make love to me. I am very femme.

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