Jodi Leigh Miller

Jodi Leigh Miller Jodi Leigh Miller Jodi Leigh Miller

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A Renaissance Woman For All Seasons
Well known in the female bodybuilding sphere and with a strong legion of devoted fans Jodi Leigh Miller is truly a remarkable woman of many talents. Beyond gracing us with that awesome sexy physique Jodi is a fashion and fitness model, powerlifter, bodybuilder, fitness competiter, writer, poet, essayist, with future plans to teach Shakespearean plays and related literature at college level. Don’t let that petite 4’11” stature throw you off, she can leg press 600 pounds, squat 250 pounds, hoist barbell curls at 50 pounds and deadlift at 250 pounds. The total package with this babe! Click on the link below and you will find two more free video previews to enjoy this multi-talented sexy muscle girl with.

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    Hello my name is Rene and i am like many an admirer of Jodi and for some reason like many i believe she is one of the most beautiful women out there and i
    will always believe it .

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