Goddess Heather & Yvette Bova

Goddess Heather and Yvette Bova Nude Picture
Salt & Pepper Mashup
Goddess Heather’s new bodybuilder girlfriend is the legendary hardcore muscle diva Yvette Bova who started lifting weights while she served active duty in the United States Air Force for 13 1/2 years. With talents providing muscle worship, glamour posing and dominatrix muscle sessions Yvette is a natural fit to join the wicked playground¬† that is Goddess Heather.

Goddess Heather With Yvette Bova Pictures


  1. rob says

    I’ve always loved Heather Tristany but I must say I dug her more years ago before she went all nuts with the implants and the butch haircut. Hey..whatever…if she can make some bucks off it more power to her. She is still a friggin’ goddess just as her name suggests!!!

  2. says

    Yeah,i concur.The Heather before she lost her 1st husband was looking physically stronger then.
    Her new fitness look takes away from the sex appeal.
    Which is odd b/c she is banging guys&girls with a strap-on.

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