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Brazilian Bubble Butt Blonde Bombshell

Female Bodybuilder Flavia Crisos Picture
Flavia Crisos
Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, Flavia started out dancing ballet for more than 15 years before deciding she was too slim and began weight training to strengthen her physique, which lead her to competing in bodybuilding and figure and eventually becoming a fitness model. She’s 5’4″ tall, weighs in at a very muscular 145 lbs, and to no one’s surprise her favorite exercise is the squat. Flavia has moved to Florianópolis, an island in the south of Brazil, mainly to get away from the violence and chaos of São Paulo, but also because she likes to surf. Now that’s something I would love to see, Flavia hanging ten on a swell with that bodacious badonkadonk of hers bringing up the rear.

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Blonde Assassin Gets It Done

Some Fast Twitch Muscle Action
I sure like the way this gorgeous little minx puts her bra on. This small clip is taken from the movie DOA: Dead or Alive, a 2006 martial arts film loosely based on the Tecmo/Team Ninja fighting videogame series Dead or Alive. The alluring Holly Valance plays Master Assassin Christie Allen who has met up with a few mugs who offer a trifling annoyance that she quickly dispenses with.

Jolene the Blond Giant takes on Crimson Ninja

Raw Rookie Takes On Seasoned Vet

Were back at the ring for the only competitive sexual wrestling site on the net featuring scissor holds, headlocks, and backbreaking submissions till we find the winner who gets to fuck the loser any way she wants. I have a feeling talking smack to the Crimson Ninja is going to cost you dearly when its comes your time to submit to the Ultimate Surrender. Punch up the link below for your six free videos of this catfighting rumble.

Free Movie Match at The Ultimate Surrender

Rough Tough Cream Puffs

Muscle Girl Video Screen Cap PictureFemale Fitness Model ImageFemale Fitness Trainer Nude Picture

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Jay Fuchs stars in the movie Mona Blonde,  about a bodybuilder on the eve of a major international competition: her life is entirely dedicated to the research of a specific aesthetic ideal of perfection and beauty. An unexpected mutation of her body will break her apparent sanity, dragging her into a nightmare.

On the bottom row is fitness model Denise Milani showing off one sexy toned body and personal trainer and elite runner Michelle Lee closes us out with a body for the long run.

Sweetmuscle Colette

Female Muscle Model Picture

Here’s a clip from the Blonde Bomber’s first appearance at the now defunct Sweetmuscle website showing off that muscled physique that won her many a title at championship bodybuilding competitions.  She competed this year at the Omaha and Toronto Pro but has now officially retired from competition to focus on her medical career.

Movie & Picture Gallery

Naturally Built Muscle Woman

Nude Muscle Woman Johanna Dejager Screen cap

I guess I’m late to the party, but I hadn’t realized Canadian female bodybuilder Johanna Dejager had her own website at one time, which I’m sad to report is no longer in existence . The Blond Bomber had quite a long and successful career in bodybuilding competitions from the mid 90’s until about 5 years ago and took pride in herself by staying natural and forgoing any chemical enhancements. So you’ve watched the video and bummed out she didn’t really show anything, uh oh, well not to worry, here’s some milk and cookies.

FBB Johanna Dejager Video

More Muscle Babes

Female Fitness Girl Melissa Pearo PictureKorean Fitness Girl Picture
Female Fitness Girl Jennifer Nicole Lee PictureFemale Bodybuilder Lisa Cross Nude Picture

Starting off with the gorgeous IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Melissa Pearo who believe it or not is a software engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration when she’s not modeling and competing at matches. Next up is a sexy Korean fitness girl who’s name I couldn’t decipher from the translation, and you can find more South Korean muscle girls covered here previously. Bottom row starts off with a new gallery from fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee and we finish off with the FBB Blonde Bombshell Lisa Cross showing off those Manchester muscles.

Jill Rudison

Female Physique Competitor Jill Rudison Picture

I’ve had a few “Whoa, who is this babe?” when this buff blonde shows up around here, so here’s a bit about her and some new pictures as well. Jill is an IFBB Physique Pro Competitor living the dream in Venice California. Her personal motto is “Live hard. Train harder. And look like a total badass while doing it!” and she recently had this to say about herself, “After being double-dog dared by IFBB Fitness Pro Maria Bellando to enter the Southern States Figure show in 2003, my future in the sport was written. I’m a Leo, a fierce competitor, determined, strong-willed and focused. I have trained for years to get where I am now…finally winning my Pro Card in Physique in 2012 at the North Americans. I know who I am and what I believe…and that’s all I need to know. Live hard. Train harder.” Well there’s no stopping her now and we’ll be looking forward to seeing where this delicious muscle girl takes us in the future.

Jill Rudison:   Picture Gallery   |    Movie & Pictures at Shemuscle


Muscle girl PictureFemale Bodybuilder Amy Peters PictureMuscle Fetish Picture

Boobs, tats, abs and attitude .. Kristhin X is a fitness performer, stripper, fetish model from Barcelona who has done some nude modeling as well. Our buff and blonde cowgirl is the beautifully muscled IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Amy Peters from Texas who you might recall from her modeling at Shemuscle Gym.  And on the bottom is Krisztina Sereny with a fresh set of pics from Fetish Muscle showing off all her beauty and hard bodied physique.

Picture Galleries:   Kristhin X   |   Amy Peters   |   Krisztina Sereny

Muscle Melody

Muscle Girls Music Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Dina Al-Sabah Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Hey check out this music video by Montreal DJ/Remixer Kaytranada featuring three muscle girls going through the motions to the beats, how often do we get to see that? The blonde below is “The Gym Diva” who along with being a fitness model is also a bikini competitor & certified personal trainer. On her right is the renown figure competitor Dina Al-Sabah who along with creating that delicious body of hers also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Telecommunications and Computers, as well as an MBA! Bottom row starts off with a picture gallery from World Class Professional Bodybuilding Champion Skadi Frei and our last entry is Celeste Bonin modeling at FitFoxes which is photographer Dan Ray’s newest online adventure.


Fitness Model Carmen Garcia PictureFitness Model Federica Ortu Picture

Fitness Model Cindi Landolt PictureFemale Bodybuilder Goddess Heather Picture

The cute blonde on top is fitness model Carmen Garcia who has graced the pages of FHM magazine, Ironman, Planet Muscle, Oxygen, Muscular Development, Hardcore Muscle, Low Rider and more. Unfortunately for us she has taken down her site and moved on to following her heart’s desire as The Turista Chef. On her right is Italian muscle girl Federica Ortu who has won 1st place at the IBFA World Championship, as well as the NABBA Italian Championship and the NABBA Gran Prix Toscano. Bottom left we have a few more pictures of Cindi Landolt version 2.0 and judging from the chatter on her blog and facebook page everybody is quite happy with the new look. Goddess Heather takes us out with a few choice cuts as she shows off that rock hard physique of hers.

Muscle Beauty X

Sexy Female Bodybuilder Picture

This Blonde Bombshell is a national level NPC competitive bodybuilder with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education with experience in boxing and Okinawan style karate. She says ‘I embrace bodybuilding as a lifestyle. I reveal the strength & determination I have within. My body is an art form and symbol of passion for my desires.’ She also does sessions providing semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, lift and carry, light domination, role play, and strength challenges. If you want to see her nude you’ll have to visit her website to see what she has to offer.

Muscle Beauty X:  Picture Gallery  |  Website

Shemuscle Gym Two’fer

Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

A couple of fresh ones coming at you today starting off with the blonde who goes by the name Muscle Bombshell. She’s a little bit on the mature side but is a full featured buff beauty with a solid physique. Our redhead goes by the name Ironfire and she’s ripped and ready to show off her vascular pecs, biceps, glutes, and her fiery tattoo.

Samantha & Yasmin

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureFitness Girl Picture

A couple of fresh faces from She Muscle Gym for your viewing pleasure. Blonde bodybuilder Samantha poses naked in the gym, giving you a good look at how strong and sexy she is. Beautiful, vascular biceps, luscious legs, gorgeous glutes, pretty pecs, sexy abs – Samantha will make you want to look, and look some more. Brunette Yasmin is posing in tiny, sheer panties in the bedroom, looking vascular, muscular and very, very fit. Gorgeous glutes, perfect pecs, lovely legs, beautiful biceps, awesome abs – Yasmin is yummy.

Another Example

Female Bodybuilder Picture

Continuing on the theme of the previous blog post, consider one Melissa Dettwiller. She starts out by pulling into the jug shop to get her bolt-on boobs installed, dyes her hair blonde, changes her name to Trish and has a serviceable career in the adult entertainment industry. But still she’s just another face in a crowd of teeming starlets vying to make a go of it in a challenging competition. Later in life she hits the gym, starts lifting weights and builds up her body to that gorgeous muscular physique that we all know her by now. And what happens?. She rises to the top of the muscle girl modeling world, becomes a renown star and commands way more money, power and respect. Just saying…

Melissa Dettwiller:   Then
Melissa Dettwiller:   Now

Muscle Girl Pornstar Medley

Devon Michaels PictureCheyenne Wolf Picture
Jewels Jade PictureDevon Michaels Picture

Just a few looks at some hardbody beauties in the biz. Devon Michaels is on the beach, the blonde is an escort from the Toronto area you might find interesting, Jewels Jade is on top of the situation as well as Brandi Love riding the Jizzim Trail.